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At Maynor's Vacations, based in the local area, I offer wonderful travel packages and itineraries to your dream destinations. Your comfort is my priority, and I strive to offer you the best travel packages around – how else could I try to have you return for another trip? My complete and seamless travel planning solutions will cater to the needs of your family and friends. Contact me on the form below to find out more about my services.

Package Tours

If you want to head to an entirely new city and have no idea what hotels to stay at or tourist spots to visit, my package tours are for you. I take care of everything, from your transport to accommodation and meals, and can also connect you with a tour guide to show you around hot tourist spots. Rest assured you will receive top-notch services throughout your trip, ensuring no dull moments on your holiday.

About My Tours

All of my packages are designed to allow you to spend plenty of time in each location, allowing you to really get a feel for the area. No matter if you're looking to have a good time with new friends or you prefer to spend your long vacation with your family, I have the excursion package for you. I can also offer port transfer packages, luxury cruise excursions, and foreign travel advice. Rest assured, I'm the right person to handle your travel worries.


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